The Relentlessly Resourceful Experience is a month long course in resourcefulness.


In March 2009 Paul Graham wrote a blog post about the characteristic most required of a start-up founder: relentless resourcefulness. The Relentlessly Resourceful Experience is a course where we try to help people discover and enhance their resourcefulness. In taking part you'll unlock one of the great human characteristics. If you don’t, then you'll at least know that there are some things you shouldn't attempt!



Simon Galbraith is the co-founder of 5 businesses and has been critical in the growth of several more. "For me, relentless resourcefulness is a mode. It’s a mode in which I’ve scored my biggest victories and been at my best. If circumstances drop me in this mode, I can spend quite a few months in a flow like state where I bend my world to my will." The Relentlessly Resourceful experience is his attempt to help grown this characteristic in others.

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